Safaree is usually on some humorous tip. It's hard for many to take this cat seriously, but a recent Twitter post contrasts his usual M.O. Yesterday he came on the social media platform to share, "I want a wife and kids so bad." The statement was point blank. There were no emojis included. Of course, his fans referred him back to his past relationship with Nicki Minaj. A reunion could be possible since the Minaj is happily single. Still, his comments about her music point to ambivalent feelings towards her.

Based on his following tweet, the entertainer might have been in his feels that day. The next post was about the entertainment industry's effect on relationships and how it can cause some individuals to switch up. He wrote that the game "makes em jealous makes ppl fall out makes you not be able to trust anyone." He then ends the tweet telling his fans that he usually "gets emo" around his birthday.

Safaree will be turning 37 on the fourth of July. Perhaps his approaching his forties is prompting some kind of crisis. We'll see how he handles his birthday bash in Queens. If he comes correct and acts like husband material, his fans might take his desires for a family to heart. Let the fangirling marriage proposals roll in.