While it's never been confirmed by either party, anyone who has been following the career of Nicki Minaj assumes that her and Safaree "SB" Samuels are an item. One of the many clues that the two are committed is the fact that SB has three very prominent tattoos of Nicki on his body -- at least he did.

The latest update (courtesy of TMZ) shows that Safaree has done his best to cover up said tats, hiding the ink done of Nicki's face and name on his chest, while his most recent arm piece also appears to be significantly faded.

A few months back there were reports that the couple had broken things off when Minaj Instagrammed a photo with the caption "SINGLE N READY TO MINGLE". Sources later claimed it was simply a regular passive aggressive move by Minaj when the two were fighting, but they quickly worked things out.

Whether or not that was truly the end of their relationship is impossible to say, and it's not clear when Samuels got this new ink done either. What is clear is that the two must have had some kind of falling out, and Nicki is quite possibly a single woman right now.

Take a look at the before and after photos above.