Last night, Power 105.1 shared a short clip of a forthcoming interview with Safaree shortly after he was allegedly robbed at gun point. While two men who were suspected of robbing him have been apprehended by police, the details pertaining to the incident were pretty vague. They've since posted the full interview and Safaree got into detail about the incident.

Following the arrest, Safaree spoke to Angie Martinez about the alleged robbery. He explained that the incident occurred after he left the club and he was caught on his own. While he previously revealed he was robbed of everything including his cell phone, he said that they robbed him of $175K worth of jewelry.

"I had like atleast $175K on me." He said, "they took everything."

Angie asked if he'd re-up on jewelry after the incident. He said he would because he feels if he doesn't, it's a win for whoever robbed him. Thankfully, the jewelry was insured. 

"I had two big [chains]. The heaviest thing was the AP. Flooded. $60K." He said, "Crazy pink ring, like $15K. And these bracelets."

From the sounds of it, Safaree doesn't seem hopeful that he'll be getting his jewelry back any time soon because they'll end up using it as evidence in court. 

With all of this, Safaree says he's now planning on moving with armed security. 

The worst part of the incident is that Safaree's uncle was stabbed to death and he admits that is something that triggers the trauma. 

While the two suspects have been arrested, we hope that it could bring some sort of peace of mind to Safaree. Peep the full interview below.