The Kardashians seem to share a commonality when it comes to their taste in men. Basketball players, rappers and, sometimes, football players (shout out Reggie Bush!) tend to be the type of men that Kim and company flock to. Kim and Kanye, Khloe and Tristan, Kylie and Travis. There's a trend that is not easy to ignore, at this point. With the internet going wild over Safaree Samuels' leaked nude photos, Twitter is thinking that Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend could be preyed on by a Kardashian in the near future.

Safaree had millions of women (and about 313K of our readers...) oggling at the leaked photos and many Twitter users joked that this could be the perfect opportunity for the single Kardashian women to find their man, at least until somebody else comes along. Kourtney is single after all, and users pointed out on social media that the reality star would be the ideal sister for him. Others are challenging Kim to think of something creative quickly since Safaree damn near broke the internet.

We doubt that the Kardashians would go for Safaree, even though he ticks the rapper box, since he can technically be classified as Nicki Minaj's sloppy seconds. However, their relationship may have ended long enough ago that Kris Jenner is deciding which one of her daughters is good for the job. Check out some of the priceless tweets below.