TMZ has learned that Safaree Samuels was the victim of a far more elaborate scheme than we had earlier believed. According to cops, the robbers attached a GPS tracking to his vehicle before the robbed him at gunpoint in April. You may recall the story that came out of the affair, with the robbers doing away with every morcel of value except Safaree's prized fur coat, one writer aptly described as "the pelt Booster wore from Jingle All The Way."

TMZ's report reads that cops found the bug but are unclear on how or when the invasive maneuver was planted. The trick is a maneuver NYPD often incorporates in their "police work," sometimes through "License Plate Readers" which are coordinated with several other surveillance apparatuses at their disposal.

As previously noted, two of three assailants have already been arrested in the case, and a third is being held in connection with the crime while they finishing disseminating the investigation. The rumors that led many to believe Safaree was self-implicated in the case revolved around the identity of one of the men arrested, Shawn Harewood, a man reported to have been a longtime friend of Safaree's dating back to his adolescence. The two have reportedly not spoken since Safaree and Nicki Minaj went their separate ways.