It's been a couple of weeks since Safaree was jumped outside a BET Awards pre-party by who he claims were members of Meek Mill's crew. In a new interview with TMZ at the TCL theater, Safaree was asked about his "beef" with Meek. While he said that his issues with the Philly rapper have not changed the way he carries himself, he still doesn't hold a very high opinion of the fellow ex of Nicki Minaj.

"He's a coward, I'm not," he told a cameraman, suggesting that he doesn't have plans to meet up one-on-one with Meek. "I'm not getting together with him. He has nothing to do with my real life. He's a bird. He's not on my level. So I'm out here, just doing what I gotta do."

Safaree explained that he's not avoiding events that Meek might also be present at following the incident in L.A. He did, however, offer some thoughts on what might happen if he ran into Meek. "He probably wouldn't do shit again," he said. "He'd probably have a bunch of other people do it... But it won't happen again though, I'll tell you that much."

The entertainer was also asked about Nas, who his ex, Nicki Minaj, is rumored to be dating. "I don't think anything about him. He's a legend," said Safaree. "I listen to reggae honestly... but I still respect legends of the game."

When Meek was asked about his possible involvement in the incident at the BET awards, he said there was "no beef" between the two.

Watch the full interview above.