This wasn't a good night for Safaree. The ex-boyfriend and former manager of Nicki Minaj, who’s still receiving random checks from back then, was performing at Dyckman courts in NYC when he got straight up disrespected by those in attendance.

Safaree took the court at what looks like halftime of a game or maybe in between games, but whenever it was the fans weren’t having it. While trying to perform his song "Hunnid," the crowd just boo’d Safaree pretty much off the court. Hell, you couldn't even hear Safaree when he was performing because of the crowd’s loud boo’s & jeers.

With that said, it appears Safaree noticed how badly the performance was going and decided to cut his performance short and tell the crowd: “hold on, let me tell you young niggas something. I fucked bitches y’all n*ggas dream about. I fucked bitches y’all n*ggas dream about,” he kept saying. The crowd really lost it after that and were throwing trash at him while he walked off the court. Then, while quickly leaving the courts, Safaree was seen flicking off the crowd in a act of anger for the disrespect. 

All in all it was a pretty terrible situation for Safaree, and one he hopes to quickly forget about I'm sure. Check out the fan-captured footage (below).