On the last two episodes of Love & Hip Hop New York, Safaree Samuels caught heat over his relationship with Erica Mena. First, Joe Budden had a few choice words about Safaree bringing his lady on vacation and not telling anyone since his fiancé, Erica's ex, Cyn Santana was there, too. Things got heated and a few threats were thrown around, but thankfully nothing became physical. Then, Rich Dollaz, Erica's ex, sat down with Safaree and calmly confronted him about his relationship with her. Rich says that he repeatedly asked Safaree if he was dating her, but he was told nothing was going on between the two.

Safaree's response to everyone's opinion was simple: I don't have to answer to you, so mind your business. Off camera, yet still on camera because it's social media, Safaree and Erica look happy and in love. It looks like we're all going to get an intimate look at what it's like hanging out with the Samuels' now that the couple have created their own YouTube channel titled She's Crazy, I'm Not. On their first episode, the couple spends nearly 20 minutes cuddled up and relaxing on the couch, recounting their pre-romance friendship and how they developed into something more.

At one point, according to Safaree, Erica previously deleted and blocked him across the board because she was in a relationship. Erica said she had to put him out of her life because she knew that he wanted to be more than friends, but because she takes relationships seriously, she didn't want to violate the man she was dating at the time. No word on who that ex was, though. Meanwhile, the two say that they are good for each other. With Safaree's influence, Erica rarely drink alcohol and now that Safaree has Erica by his side, he's less of a loner and more family-oriented. They hope to share their world with fans on the channel in days to come, especially as they prepare for their wedding.