In his upcoming book The Prisoner in His Palace: Saddam Hussein, His American Guards, and What History Leaves Unsaid, Will Bardenwerper explores the life of Saddam Hussein in his final days through the eyes of the 12 men who guarded his cell. One fascinating tidbit to emerge from the New York Post's review is the former Iraqi tyrant's soft spot for the music of Mary J. Blige.

“He’d always stop tuning [the radio] if he stumbled across a Mary J. Blige song,” revealed one of the guards.

Also of note: Hussein had an insatiable sweet tooth (“[H]e could yield to the siren call of a sugary muffin the way anyone else might") and a weird laugh (compared to “that Dracula dude from ‘Sesame Street.’”).

The Prison in His Palace will be released June 6th.