Even when NBA Youngboy tries to mind his business, he ends up catching a stray. Over the past few weeks, he's found himself in a feud with Kodak Black and by association, Jackboy and JayDaYoungen. Several diss tracks were released while NBA Youngboy not only had to deal with his wifey's recent case but with backlash from the general public after Kodak claimed the "AI Nash" rapper was a snitch.


Unfortunately, Youngboy is still facing backlash, even when he hasn't said anything. A recent video emerged of NBA OG Three pouring lean into NBA Youngboy's mouth. As the video went viral, it surfaced onto Sada Baby's timeline who found the act questionable.

"I swear that n***a gay," Sada Baby commented under a post. "Mfs be worried bout my pants doe. Wish i would let a n***a pour some sh*t in my mouth."

NBA Youngboy has yet to respond but there's a good chance that he might not have even seen it. The rapper wiped out his Instagram page recently with the only uploads serving as promotional clips for 38 Baby 2. He even stated that he went off of Instagram because there were women trying to incriminate him. 

38 Baby 2 officially drops this Friday, marking his second project of the year following the release of February's Still Flexin', Still Steppin