Sada Baby's Instagram account has been disabled and the Detroit rapper has an idea who might be responsible.

According to Sada, XXL and his "opps" are to blame because they've allegedly been reporting all of his posts.

Sada Baby has his fair share of well-documented beef with contemporaries from his city, but the roping in of XXL into the mix is an interesting choice. Speculation points toward the assumption that the opp in question is 2021 XXL Freshman Class alum 42 Dugg, but any further information on the claim ends there.

It's likely that Sada Baby could have also attracted the ire of other disgruntled users on the app as the quick-witted rapper has never shied away from going head-to-head with complete strangers on the internet. Case in point: the Twitter feed where his thoughts now live almost exclusively.

"I’m never arguing with [Sada Baby]," reads a retweet on Sada's page. "you will not win he say shit you would never even think to say."

Speaking with Flaunt Magazine most recently, the rapper offering justification for his outspoken demeanor, alluding to dissatisfaction with playing nice.

"Yeah, you know I don't like people at all. When you first get into this shit, they tell you to put a smile on and be cool," he said. "You gotta be fake, that's what they tell you. I‘ll never do it. It's either I like you or I don't. It's not even so much as a like thing, it's respect. If I respect you, I respect you. If I think you a bitch, soft as hell, there’s that.