Sacha Baron Cohen is known for his comedy roles and characters such as Ali G, Borat Sagdiyev, Brüno, Admiral General Aladeen and many more. One of his latest series, Who Is America?, sees the actor dressed up as four more additional characters interviewing a diverse range of American politicians to see try and understand what the country is all about. 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Sacha's more recent Netflix project has now been served an official trailer and sees the actor dropping his comedic ways to star as Eli Cohen and depit the true story of the Israel spy whose work changed the course of history. The trailer depicts the moment Eli signs on for his new role with the government and the impact his role has on his family. Noah Emmerich, Marc Maurille, and Alexander Siddig also star in the series that will be presented with six episodes and arrives on Netflix as of September 6th. 

"He’s done a few dramas, but nothing like this that was so serious. It was so very different from what he’s used to doing and I think it was very courageous on Sacha’s part to tackle this role, that’s really two roles," Gideon Raff, the show's creator said of Sacha. "We spent months in Morocco shooting it and his dedication was just out of this world. He did almost everything and he worked so hard and it was a real privilege working with him."