T.I. and Tiny are currently facing several allegations -- including claims of sexual assault and drugging -- spearheaded by former friend of the couple Sabrina Peterson. Though the number of women has risen since the initial accusation surfaced, Tip and Tiny have remained adamant in their denial of every allegation leveled against them.

T.I. actually addressed the situation in a recent song "What It's Come To," accusing Peterson of attempting extortion and doubling down on his unwavering stance. Last week, Peterson actually claimed she would drop her lawsuit against the Harris couple provided they issued a public apology. "Tell the truth about me, tell the truth about what you did to me, and apologize. I'm gone," she stated. "I don't want one dime. And here's the other stipulation: Do it within seven days."

T.I.Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Earlier today, Tip remained defiant and laughed at the prospect of acquiescing to Peterson's request. "An Apology????" he captions, alongside a picture of him guffawing at Diddy's party. "Drako voice #WhatItsComeTo." Hardly substantiation but telling nonetheless. Enough that Peterson opted to issue a response to his response, warning that "pride comes before the fall."

On her own IG page, Peterson shared a "Narcissist checklist," implying that T.I. meets each one of the fourteen criteria. Emphasizing that he's the target of her post is an attached picture of T.I. hanging out with R.Kelly, the implication speaking for itself.

With T.I unwilling to budge in his position of innocence and Peterson determined to make him, at the very least, apologize for his alleged wrongdoings, it's uncertain as to how this one will play out. We will keep you posted on developments surrounding Peterson's ongoing legal battle with the Harrises as the situation unfolds.