About Sabi

Sabi is an Inglewood, CA born artist. She's proud of her Black and Salvi (El Salvadoran) roots. She's been in love with music, art, movies for as long as she can remember, however music happened to be the thing that started moving first. Sabi says she's looked up to Oprah, Janet and Michael, Aaliyah, Missy, Spike Lee, Prince, Gwen Stefani and more, all of which have influenced her in some way or another. She believes that music can change the world and move nations of people. It should be used for good and truth. Thus far, Sabi has released one mixtape which premiered on HotNewHipHop, "0-60: Love Sounds," which featured Tyga and Ryan McDermott.

Facts Only

  • When Sabi gets excited as she starts to tell a story or an idea, she tends to stutter. She has no idea why.
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