Saba Talks Chance The Rapper, "Care For Me" & More In "On The Come Up"

Aron A.
April 25, 2018 15:22

Saba joins us for the latest episode of "On The Come Up."

When it comes to music, Chicago's been a hub for incredible talent, especially when it comes to hip hop. From the OG's like Common and Kanye West to more recent artists like Chance The Rapper and Chief Keef, they've proved to not only have diverse sounds but have sounds that end up influencing the soundscape of modern music. One person who's coming up out of Chicago right now that has a promising career ahead is Saba. He recently linked up with us for the latest episode of "On The Come Up" where he broke down some of his Chicago musical influences, Chance The Rapper, Care For Me and more.

Saba's definitely the next one out of Chicago right now. The rapper's been buzzing for a few years and his recent project, Care For Me, showed his growth as an artist and proved that he's about to be a star in his own right. The rapper first gained major recognition for his feature on Chance The Rapper's Acid Rap. Interestingly enough, he explained that the song was actually how he ended up first meeting Chance.

"I met him around the city like locally and shit, but I really met him after I did the song on Acid Rap for him. He text me one day, I don't know how he got my number but he text me one day and he just asked me to get on his tape." He said, "That's kind of where our relationship started. So it's cool that it developed and we able to be in the studio together and shit like that now."

During our conversation, he also explained his next move, how he got his name and more.

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HNHH TV Saba Talks Chance The Rapper, "Care For Me" & More In "On The Come Up"