There's a case to be made that Sa-Roc is one of the best lyricists in the game, with her recent album The Sharecropper's Daughter being one of 2020's most slept-on projects, period. With her name still left out of the conversation at a woeful rate, Sa-Roc remains entirely unfazed, continuing to lead fellow emcees by example with an incredible I-95 Freestyle.

Upon introducing herself as "The Goddess Emcee," a scholar of the legendary Rakim, Sa-Roc proceeds to get to work. "Got my formal education from my bloodline, that's Ivy/IV / came up in the heart of Cocaine 80s bruh, No I-D / life was mostly bitter with a little bit of sweet / I had to concentrate to get all of this juice, yes that's Hi-C," she spits, and that's only in the opening moments. 


David A. Smith/Getty Images

"I know this must sound cocky, but Sa-Roc to rap like a little bit of turbinado to ground coffee," she raps, setting up a ridiculous scheme. "Got a full grasp of this Queen's English, when that tongue loose I hit the booth and make that heifer sound cockney / call me Shocklee, Public Enemy on every property / cause I'm a product of this rebel aristocracy / so they trail me and internet stalk me cause I'm exorcising demons with this drip -- Mephistopheles."

It's no wonder Sa-Roc caught the attention of Black Thought, who previously set the bar for radio freestyles before hopping on The Sharecropper's Daughter for a guest appearance. If you have any appreciation for the art of lyricism, do yourself a favor and watch one of the game's sharpest at work. Do you think Sa-Roc deserves more credit as a top-tier emcee in the game?

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