Tom Sachs and Nike have a new space-themed sneaker collab in the works, following up the 2012 NikeCraft Mars Yard and last July's Mars Yard 2.0 release. This time around, Nike is taking Sachs' ties with NASA a bit further by creating a moon boot style piece of footwear dubbed the Mars Yard Over Shoe.

“The Mars Yard Overshoe, its nickname is the March Yard — for March, the worst month of the year. It is wet, your feet are wet the whole month of March,” says Tom Sachs.   

Per Nike: "While wearing the Overshoe all the way up fends off the elements, rolling it down makes inside, heated spaces tolerable. The duality serves well for the annoyances of a New York March, and allows chic navigation of street, subway and fashion week. A new tread pattern, created by a small sipping at the highpoints of the outsole, is designed from a mastery of New York's winters too."

A few weeks back, a limited release of the Nike Mars Yard Overshoe released at DSM London in celebration of the London premiere of Sachs’ latest film Paradox Bullets, but the global release is coming soon.

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