New York City Governor, Andrew Cuomo officially unveiled the new $27 billion plan to redesign NYC's sickening subway system, featuring wider doors, wifi service and phone charging stations. 

The new subway cars will include an open car end design, allowing more room for passengers (and SHOWTIME dancers), while the wider doors will allow people to enter and exit the train simultaneously- because nothing is worse than the people that try to cram on the train while others are trying to exit.

Along with upgraded subway car amenities, the plan will also improve the subway stations and the city's buses as well. In total, 31 stations will be redesigned which will reportedly be finished by 2018, and the all of the subway lines will have new cars by 2023.

Now if only they could scrap up another $27 billion to prevent the temperature in subway stations from being hotter than a thousand Suns and get rid of the rat kingdoms we'd be in decent shape.