It's been reported that Wu-Tang clan shogun, RZA, is being sued by a long-time Wu-Tang producer, 4th Disciple, for allegedly not paying royalties and honoring their agreements. 

Documents obtained by VIBE state that Disciple signed to Wu-Tang Productions in either 1993 or 1994. Since then, RZA and his brother Mitchell Diggs have accumulated approximately $500,000 worth of royalties owed to 4th Disciple. 

The documents provided state that 4th disciple is owed, "50 percent of mechanical royalties, 50 percent of synchronization income, and 50 percent of other income." 4th Disciple has allegedly not received any of these royalties, and claims that RZA and Diggs continue to make money off his production through new avenues such as streaming services.

4th Disciple has been collaborating with the Wu-Tang clan from the beginning, as he helped work on the group's debut Enter The 36 Chambers, as well as other albums such as Wu-Tang Forever and A Better Tomorrow

This isn't the only legal issue that the Clan is facing. Recently, the entire Wu-Tang Clan was named in a lawsuit by a photographer who claimed he was never paid for creating the album cover for the incredibly rare Wu-Tang album, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin

All Hip-Hop reached out to 4th Disciple's lawyer, Kevon Glickman, who provided with this statement, "Its a shame that with all of the success of the Wu Franchise, it will take a lawsuit to force the Diggs brothers to face their contractual responsibilities."

It seems that RZA may be learning a harsh lesson in what it means when you don't pay your employees.