Sophia Chang, the self-proclaimed “first Asian woman in hip-hop," and manager of RZA, ODB, Q-Tip and more, will be releasing an audio memoir. The Baddest Bitch in the Room will be available on September 26th through Audible. The memoir will give a behind the scenes look at Chang’s time managing some of the best artists from New York’s music scene, as well as her time with some of its most important labels. If that wasn't enough of a resume, Chang has also worked as a general manager at Joey Badass’ Pro Era Records and RZA’s Razor Sharp Records. 

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The audiobook will be narrated by Chang herself. She spoke on the decision with Complex, saying “I voiced the book myself because I think it's really important that people are exposed to my voice both figuratively as well as literally. RZA says, 'My tongue is my sword.' That's very much how I look at myself. I'm a petite Asian woman who did not come into this industry having wealth, power, fame. So what I had to do was work really, really hard, and part of crafting my persona and my identity was sharpening my blade. In kung fu, we say, 'Sharpen your blade every day.' So, not only do I train in kung fu every day, but I also hone the way that I speak, and my voice is my most powerful weapon and tool for myself and to speak on behalf of others."

The audiobook memoir is now available for preorder.