While attending an event made out in his honor, RZA spoke to the Associated Press about A$AP Rocky's custodial battle in Sweden. Let me preface this by stating that RZA was standing before an American crowd, without a coercive agenda, when he was asked to comment on the A$AP Rocky situation. Secondly, the event was staged in support of RZA's Hulu series Wu-Tang: An American Saga, nothing else.

RZA described Rocky's plight in Sweden as a veritable hostage situation (in so many words). He spoke of being "disappointed in Sweden," his fleeting relationship with the Country (as a touring artist) notwithstanding.  

The ad hoc leader Wu leader also expressed his disappointment in the judge overlooking Rocky's case, or rather their inability to discern a violent offender from a passive threat, responding to extenuating circumstances. Swedish authorities seemingly believe that A$AP Rocky and his constituents were the aggressors in the attack, captured on film for all the public to see. 

For fear of "preaching to the choir" I implore those who haven't seen the footage (of the alleged attack), to do so immediately before forming an opinion. Regardless of such, RZA is open to Trump finding a solution, but he's not exactly hedging his bets on the President-elect. "That'd be a beautiful thing," he commented before trudging along with the Q&A.