When it comes to the music he plays while cooking his favorite dishes, Wu-Tang Clan's RZA likes to go old school - like, really old school.

The rapper has collaborated with the streaming platform Tidal to bring listeners his ideal cooking playlist, but oddly enough, there's not a single hip-hop song to be found. Nope, when RZA is playing chef, there's nothing but Sinatra going on in the background.

"I honestly cook to Frank Sinatra," he said. "For about the last three years, I've been kind of [listening to all] Frank Sinatra... I think Frank's music and the vibe he left on the world is uplifting." It's a happy coincidence that this playlist drops just a day after he became the face of Chipotle's new ad campaign, where you can download an app to make music out of your food order.

Check out RZA's playlist below.