The NFL has become highly politicized in recent years because of the league's reaction to players protesting during games. The issue spread passed the sport and its fans to the corporations involved and even the White House. The coveted Superbowl Halftime Show has naturally become part of the discussion. The selection of artists and the types of performances are filtered through a divisive lens.

Maroon 5 is said to be performing during the next edition. Many people have expressed their dislike of the pick, considering the current political climate within the league. When RZA was asked about his perspective on the "diversity" issue, he favored the music over any political ideology.

"The climate, I don't think, should really weigh on the music. I think the NFL has been going back and forth between artists. We have Beyonce, we had Bruno Mars, Timberlake."

"I think Adam Levine and what he's been doing lately on his TV show and kind of cross-pollinating with all the different talent. I think he's a pretty good example of a progressive artist mind."

The potential features also play a part in RZA's reasoning.

"He got a song with future, that I love [...] If you're gonna bring someone like that in these times, at least you got a guy like Adam Levine. He may bring Drake out there for us."

He's all for a Wu-Tang Clan Halftime Show performance too. He implores the Jets and Giants of New York to make that connection.

"Bring it back home and call us in. We could protect your neck or something."

Much of the criticism does relate to the city in which the game will be played. Migos, Outkast, T.I. and others could have been more appropriate choices in that regard. For many, its a question of culture rather than one of race.