Ryan Reynolds can be trusted with comedy franchises. The success of the Deadpool series is a testament to the strength of Reynolds comedic skill, but he's been building up to this level for years. Still, Reynolds is at the peak of his career because of the comic book hero and now he's using his influence to help craft other comedy films as well. According to VarietyTwentieth Century Fox is developing a comedy spoof of Home Alone, and Reynolds is attached to produce and possibly star in the film. 

Entitled Stoned Alone, the plot centers around a twenty-something-year-old pot grower who misses his flight for a ski trip vacation. He decides to stay home and get super stoned instead, and paranoia befalls the young stoner when he believes he hears thieves break into his home. His suspicions are soon confirmed, and the stoned and scared star must fight to defend his home. The film will be rated "R," with Reynolds hoping that he can find a new niche in the adult comedy genre. Actress and director Augustine Frizzell is set to helm the film. The original Home Alone turned Macaulay Culkin into a worldwide star, and spawned a string of sequels.