Those who may follow Ryan Leslie know that the talented producer, singer, and songwriter loves to film himself creating songs. Leslie will lock himself in the studio and jump from instrument to instrument as he builds a song. The recorded process comes out looking dope each time, and on Thanksgiving, Leslie did it again. 

Leslie hopped into his studio and began to play a few keys on the piano. After mumbling to himself about feeling thankful, Leslie runs with the concept. The drums drop in next as Leslie plays with some setting in Pro Tools before returning to the music making. Watching the multi-talented artist play on different instruments and basically freestyle the lyrics is a sight to behold. After the keys and drums are set, Leslie picks up a bass and lays down a complimentary melody on the reverberating instrument. "Big plans, big business, that's the one-two," raps Leslie as he sits back down at the piano. "Big body black Benzes when I come through," he continues. 

When Leslie's woman walks into the studio, he begins to mold the lyrics after her. Talk about romance. "When you need it, give you space so I avoid a fight... I'm smart," raps Leslie. Check out the full creation of "Thankful" below.