Even in all his glory, Harvard-educated producer Ryan Leslie apparently can't hold up his end of the deal.

A German man is suing the Next Selection hitmaker for allegedly refusing to pay a promised $1 million reward for the return of his laptop that was stolen while on a European tour in Cologne, Germany.

Leslie went on a public campaign via Twitter and YouTube in search of the laptop in Oct. 2010 after it was swiped from the back of his Mercedes. He initially offered $2,000 for its return but hiked up the reward to $1 million.

Armin Augestein turned over the laptop to police when he found it while walking his dog a month after the MacBook was reported stolen. Filed in a Manhattan federal court, the suit states that Leslie did not return Augstein's e-mails about the laptop.

"It's unfortunate that my client has to go to such lengths to recover the reward," said Michael Fischman, Augstein's U.S.-based lawyer.

Leslie's rep has not responded for comment, leaving poor 52-year-old Augstein if he'll ever find out how it's supposed to be.