Submitted by Shiva Suntoo -

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was nominated for an award for his role in supporting Hip-Hop in the country.

Putin has been nominated for the “Event of the Year” Award during the Russian Street Awards being presented by Muz TV, Russia’s rival of MTV.

In November of 2009, Putin attended Muz TV’s “Battle for Respect” Hip-Hop contest and presented the winning award to a rapper by the name of Zhigan.

Putin lauded the rappers and break dancers who took part in the “Battle for Respect.”

“Although rap is kind of rough, it has a social message dealing with the problems of the young,” Putin said while praising graffiti art as “fine and elegant.”

"I do not think that 'top-rock' or 'down-rock' break dance technique is compatible with alcohol or drugs," Putin told the cheering crowd of about 100 rappers/b-boys who chanted “Respect, Vladimir Vladimirovich".

In order to win as the “Event of the Year,” Putin’s appearance must top the break up of Russian Hip-Hop act Tsentr and the Splash 2009 Festival.

The awards show will take place in Moscow on April 21st.