Russian President Vladimir Putin is supposedly working his magic once again, looking to take the 2020 United States Presidential Election into his own hands, much like he did in 2016.

There was a lot to be said about how the election was decided four years ago, with proof of Russian collusion being reported. Perhaps, if Russia had not gotten involved, we would not have been subjected to Trump's first term. 

While that's in the past, we can hopefully prevent it from happening a second time. The FBI will need to work fast to shut it down though because, according to their director Christopher Wray, Russia has already begun to interfere.

John McDonnell - Pool/Getty Images -- Representative Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, left, talks with FBI Director Christopher Wray

Wray testified in front of the House Homeland Security Committee today, claiming that Russia is attempting to "denigrate" Joe Biden. The FBI Director says that the country has been using "proxies, state media, online journals" to hurt Biden's chances of winning. Wray explains that Biden's campaign is being viewed as anti-Russian to some high-ranking officials, which could explain why they're trying to get involved.

Last week, Microsoft reportedly confirmed that they have traced parties in China, Iran, and Russia that are trying to meddle in the election's results.

John McDonnell - Pool/Getty Images -- FBI Director Christopher Wray

Hopefully, Russia is not able to interfere in the election and the results in November are reflective of what the American public truly wants.

Do you smell an upcoming scandal?