Last week, Russell Wilson, starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks had his rights traded from one franchise to another, but get this, not in his sport of choice. The Seattle Mariners' baseball team held his rights but offered him to the New York Yankees in lieu of Russell's father being a lifelong fan of "the Bronx Bombers."

When this story was first reported, people generally thought nothing of it. The chances of Russell leaving his responsibilities as an NFL QB were seemingly slim to none. However in a twist of fate, Russell has decided to run with his heart and attend New York Yankees training camp this spring.

He would not be the first football player to transition into baseball; both Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders successively added multi-sport to their resume, but it hasn't been done in decades. Russell would be the first of his kind, in this era predominated by off-field training and impossibly busy schedules. Peep his nod to the Yankee faithful.

[via ESPN]