The Seattle Supersonics were a staple of the NBA for multiple decades although much to the chagrin of the team's fans, the franchise moved to Oklahoma City for the 2008-2009 season and haven't looked back since. Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant actually played one season in Seattle before the team was ultimately moved. Now though, multiple groups within Seattle want to bring a team back through expansion and in order to do so, the groups want an arena to be built.

According to the Seattle Times, local developers, the NCAAP, community leaders, executives, and "potentially" Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson will all meet on May 13th to discuss a brand new arena. As of right now, there is already an arena in Seattle which is undergoing $900 million renovations. The arena, which used to be the home of the Supersonics, will play host to a new NHL franchise and the Seattle Storm of the WNBA. It is being reported that the arena could be used for an NBA franchise, although it seems as though those involved in bringing the Supersonics back are adamant on a new facility.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has stated in the past that he isn't interested in expansion and would rather "[focus] on creating a competitive 30-team league."

Stay tuned for updates on the NBA's potential return to Seattle, although for now, it's looking unlikely.