Russell Wilson has consistently been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL over the past decade and he even has a Super Bowl victory to his name. Unfortunately for him and the rest of the Seattle Seahawks, the team hasn't had much playoff success since 2015, and the offensive line has been faltering quite a bit. Now, rumors are spreading that Wilson wants out of Seattle and that a trade is imminent. 

With this being the case, oddsmakers are now giving their predictions on who Wilson will land with. According to SportsLine, the best bet right now would be the Las Vegas Raiders at +300. Right underneath them are the Denver Broncos, and then the Dallas Cowboys.

Some of the other notable teams here are the Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers, and even the New England Patriots. Wilson is one of those players who can influence where he goes and considering he is a high-profile guy who has an entertainer as a wife, it wouldn't be a shock if he ends up in Miami, although at this point, there is no telling what can truly happen.

With the NFL offseason ramping up, keep it locked to HNHH as we will make sure to keep you informed on all of the latest news.

Russell Wilson

Steph Chambers/Getty Images