Russell Wilson is getting into the clothing game. In a pretty unexpected move, he revealed his “Good Man Brand” via an article on the Huffington Post today. It’s defined by a refrain the Seahawks quarterback repeated multiple times during his interview: “Be good.”

Accordingly, Wilson’s Good Man Brand will donate $3 from every purchase to the Why Not You Foundation, a charity which aims to tackle issues like world hunger, cancer, diabetes and domestic violence (yes, all of those things). The charity was also founded by Russell Wilson, so in a way he’s donating to himself. Gotta give the man credit, he’s clever.

To be honest, we expected the clothing itself to be a lot like Russell – quality, but mostly super corny. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find a sturdy set of core items and basics like sweatshirts, polos, pants and even shoes. Nothing is particularly flashy, but it is surprisingly expensive. A pair of shorts will run you well over $100, so in addition to feeling charitable, you should also be feeling wealthy.

Russell Wilson has spent little time publicly dwelling on his team’s loss to the Carolina Panthers a few months ago, and is instead focusing his efforts on charitable efforts like these and complimenting his girlfriend Ciara. We’d still like to see his reaction to just one Crying Jordan meme though.

Head on over to the web shop to check out the merchandise. We promise that at worst, it's basic. Just like Russell.