Ciara dropped off a new single a couple days back called "Greatest Love" that has sparked her fans in sharing who they consider being their greatest love on Instagram. Considering that today is Valentine's Day, Russell Wilson joined the trend and shared a video explaining just why his wife is his greatest love. 

“Baby, you’re my greatest love for several reasons,” the football player said in the clip, as seen below. “First of all, you inspire me. The way that you care for others, the way that you make the world a better place. How dedicated you are to being great truly inspires me.”

Ciara followed up with a message of her own, calling Russell "the best partner in life."

“It’s only right that I join you all and shout out my greatest love too,” she said. “Bae, I just wanted to tell you I love you so much. I love how you are always there for me, how if my wig is tilted sideways, you’re gonna help me tilt it right back. You always got my back, you’re always there when I call.”