Fake rumors have popped up almost weekly about Russell Wilson and Ciara getting engaged, but this time they are for real. We have proof via a few social media posts from Russell Wilson, who popped the question at what looks like a private dinner the two shared on a beach.

Okay, it wasn’t that private because the two clearly had a professional photographer on hand to take a few clutch sunset shots. Russell captioned his Tweet by saying, “Since Day 1 I knew you were the one. No Greater feeling #TrueLove,” while Ciara was more brief. She simply wrote “I Feel Complete.”

No word on a wedding date for the two lovebirds. However, the video is worth watching just to see the engagement ring. I guess we know what Russell did with the huge signing bonus and all that endorsement money.

This is sure to stir up the Future Hive, who are are frothing at the mouth for new music from Future now. He has so far remained silent, which makes sense because he's currently embroiled in a lawsuit with Ciara.