Following OKC's Game 4 loss to the Houston Rockets last night, Russell Westbrook and Steven Adams faced reporters but it was Westbrook that did most of the talking.

In fact, even when a reporter tried to ask Steven Adams a question point blank about the team's play without Westbrook on the floor, Russ jumped in before he had a chance to comment.

The reporter simply asked,

“Steven, second time in three games you guys really struggled when Russell went to the bench. You were out there for part of that, what goes on when he goes to the bench? Why is Houston so successful, and do you sense that they get an energy boost just from him going out of the game?”

It was a valid question but Russ wasn't having it. 

“I don’t want nobody trying to split us up, we are one team ... we’re in this together, don’t try to make us go against each other. I don’t want to hear that."

The reporter held on to his mic a moment longer, trying to get a response from Adams, but Westbrook kept repeating "next question" until he was forced to move on with the interview.

The Thunder will be back on the court, facing elimination, in Houston tomorrow night at 8:00pm EST on TNT.

Check out the footage from Westbrook's testy post-game presser below.