Russell Westbrook has been having himself a great first season with the Houston Rockets. While the team struggled just a bit during the early stages of the regular season, Westbrook eventually found his footing as well as his chemistry with old Thunder teammate James Harden. The two have proven themselves to be a dynamic duo in the league and it is looking more and more as if the Rockets are favorites to go out and win the title. Unfortunately, however, Russ has been dealing with a quad injury and hasn't been able to participate in any playoff games.

Well, according to Rockets reporter Kelly Iko, Westbrook is feeling better and will be back with the team in time for Saturday, where they will resume play against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The series is tied at 2-2 and with Westbrook returning for Game 5, the Rockets are at a clear advantage.

In fact, Westbrook would have been ready to go for the Rockets' game on Wednesday, however, the match was ultimately boycotted just like the other games from that day.

Now that the Rockets have Westbrook back, there is a real sense that they could contend for the title. They would most likely play the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round, which is a matchup that many are looking forward to.