When Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Summer of 2016, it was believed that Russell Westbrook was extremely upset with the decision. Of course, Durant and Westbrook were an incredible dynamic duo and fans of the Thunder felt like Durant's departure was the ultimate betrayal. Westbrook went through yet another break up this past Summer as Paul George was traded from OKC to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Last night, Westbrook got to play George as the Rockets took on the Clippers. In a report from Tomer Azarly of Clutch Points, Westbrook had nothing but good things to say about George. When asked by a reporter about his thoughts on Durant, Westbrook's tone completely changed. Essentially, Westbrook rejects the notion that he was ever mad at Durant and that the media tries to make him look bad. 


“You tried to ask it in a tricky way,” Westbrook said. “You thought you were slick. It ain’t gonna work. You tried. You tried. It’s okay. Don’t try that shit with me though. I’m just telling you. I’ve been there, done that. It was slick. You tried to make me the bad guy, I’m not the bad guy. Good try, good try. All y’all do is make up shit.”

In the videos above, Westbrook is pretty scathing and doesn't appear to appreciate what the reporter tried to do. Westbrook has always been hostile with the media so the reaction isn't exactly surprising.