Russell Westbrook has been a PE machine when it comes to his new signature shoe, the Jordan Why Not Zer0.2. It seems as though every game the Oklahoma City Thunder star has a brand new sneaker that goes semi-viral thanks to its conceptual nature. The first was his "Super Soaker" colorway and special packaging. Then he killed it with Valentine's Day and Gameboy colorways. Each shoe so far has had its own special packaging and with this new "Rugrats"-inspired colorway, that trend is no different. 

This new "Rugrats" PE comes in some fuzzy orange packaging which if you're a fan of the show, you would know resembles the hair of Chucky Finster. As for the shoes themselves, they are primarily blue on the upper but are very colorful as there are red, yellow, and even some green highlights throughout. Thanks to the mix of materials and tooling on this shoe, there have been some pretty dope colorways and over the next few months, we'll probably see even more amazing models.

Now, as is usually the case with player exclusives, these will not be releasing to the public so if you were hoping for a pair, you're gonna be a little bit out of luck on this one.