Russell Westbrook didn't do much talking during, or after, last night's loss to the Golden State Warriors but his messages were clear.

1) He's going to get Zaza Pachulia back for standing over him.

2) He is NOT on speaking terms with Kevin Durant

3) He doesn't want his teammates talking to that "bitch ass" (I'll let you imagine who the "bitch ass" he's referencing is)

During Golden State's 121-100 victory over the Thunder, Zaza Pachulia knocked Westbrook to the floor and then stood over him, like so.

That interaction warranted this response from Westbrook after he had time to watch the replay after the game.

"I'm gonna get his ass back. Straight up."

"I don't know when it's gonna be. But I don't play that game."

As for Durant, Westbrook threw down a powerful dunk in his face last night and appeared to mouth the words "don't jump" at his former teammate.

Shortly after the play KD approached Westbrook but Russ didn't look at all interested in talking.

After the game, Enes Kanter was being cordial with one of the Warriors' players (we'll let you imagine which one) which prompted Westbrook to turn around and say, "E, don’t say what’s up to that bitch ass."

In the locker room, Westbrook was flat out asked if he and KD are on speaking terms to which he simply replied "nah." But when it comes to his beef with Zaza, Westbrook vowed to get revenge saying, "I'm gonna get his ass back." 

Check out his brief post-game comments below.