The 2017 NBA season will tip off in a little more than two months and the casinos in Las Vegas have already released some future odds, including which player is most likely to win the MVP award. 

According to Bovada, OKC's Russell Westbrook is the favorite; listed at +200. Stephen Curry is second at +400 and LeBron is third at +500.

Since the Warriors are so stacked it's going to be tough for voters to find a way to give Steph his third consecutive MVP, even if they have another historic season. Not since Larry Bird from '83-'86 has a player won the MVP award three straight times. Steph would have to shatter his own records again, which is going to be nearly impossible now that he'll be sharing the rock with KD, not to mention Klay and Draymond.

LeBron will always be in the MVP race but we've all seen what Russ can do when he's given total control of his squad and if he can maintain that incredible pace for the 2017 season and lead the Thunder to a playoff spot in the West, who's not going to vote for him?

There's a steep drop after the Top-3 potential MVP candidates starting with Westbrook's former teammate, Kevin Durant who is currently listed at 1200:1. Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard and James Harden are all tied with 1600:1 odds.

Another prop best currently listed on Bovada is for Rookie Of The Year; Philly's Ben Simmons is the front runner at +150, followed by LA's Brandon Ingram (+650), Minnesota's Kriss Dunn (+700), and Joel Embiid (+900).

If you had to make a bet right now, who ya got for 2017 NBA MVP?