On July 4th when you and I found out that Kevin Durant was leaving OKC to team up with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in Golden State, Russell Westbrook was still under the assumption that KD would be returning to the Thunder.

According to reports, Durant never personally informed Westbrook of his decision to break up their dynamic duo, which has left him "angry" and "hurt"... and undoubtedly thirsting for the opportunity to dunk on his ass next season. 

"Westbrook is taking time not just to figure out his next steps, but also to lick his own wounds. Reports have come out suggesting Westbrook's style of play influenced Durant to leave, though Durant publicly denied that in Las Vegas recently."

"The two have not spoken since Durant's decision. Those close to Westbrook say he's both angry and hurt not only by Durant's decision to leave but also because Durant didn't even call to tell him personally. Westbrook wasn't prepared to be in this position -- three weeks ago, like everyone else, he thought Durant was coming back. And he had to learn the hard way he wasn't."

Russell Westbrook will be a free agent next Summer but the Thunder are going to want some answers now because if he plans on bolting in the off-season they'll have no choice but to trade him in order to get something in return. Durant's decision indirectly put Westbrook in the hot seat immediately. 

As for his relationship with KD, is anyone really surprised that he's angry with him? We're talking about the same guy who nearly killed Jeremy Lamb for passing him up on the handshake line.