The NBA All-Stars have descended on New Orleans for All-Star Weekend, and that means we’re another day closer to seeing Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant play on the same team. They’re both Western Conference All-Stars, and there’s even a rumored possibility of Westbrook playing alongside all four Golden State Warriors All-Stars. Asked about his impending locker room reunion with Durant, Westbrook responds in the most Westbrook way possible: by talking about New York Fashion Week.

The exchange was as jarring and incongruous as it sounds. After a reporter asks another question on the same subject, Westbrook starts pontificating about the new Public School New York and Jordan Brand apparel line before moving on to his love for Gucci. There's also an adorable child who steals the show for a bit.

Later in the same interview session, Westbrook responds to a question about playing alongside the Warriors by asking the reporter about her favorite fashion brands.

For what it’s worth, Durant doesn’t seem to be excited about the reunion either. Their former teammate and fellow Western Conference All-Star James Harden has said, “I don’t understand what is going on,” but he is “staying out of it.” Good call, Harden.