Towards the end of 2017, Russell Simmons was accused of rape and sexual misconduct by a handful of women, forcing him to step down as CEO from his Def Jam and Phat Farm founded companies. Russell continued to preach his innocence and deny any wrongdoing in his cases, calling them all "a work of pure fiction." It wasn't until April of this year that sources alleged Russell had removed himself from the controversy and went to Indonesia to break away from the allegations.

Page Six now reports that Russell has made his way back on the radar since being spotted at Brooklyn Chop House at the Capri Hotel in Southampton. There's no word on when Russell touched back down in America but by his Instagram story uploads, he's been staying busy at parties with Saint Jhn and enjoying some family time. 

"God is working on me and I’m grateful," he captioned an Instagram upload about hard times creating new paths in life.

Back when Russell was fighting hard to defend his name, he referred to himself as a man who “fully embraces the #MeToo movement” and the “critical importance of creating safe spaces for women to thrive and lead in every facet of our society.”

He added that “with every great revolution there has been collateral damage. In this movement, this includes Mr. Simmons’ well-publicized life as a celebrity bachelor being the target of outrageous false tabloid-fodder allegations contradicted by facts and the law.”