There has been some controversy recently surrounding On The Record, the documentary giving voice to Russell Simmons' alleged sexual assault victims. Oprah was initially an executive producer of the film, but just a few weeks ago, she announced that she was detaching her name from the project. She cited "inconsistencies" in the testimonies and "creative differences" as reasons for why she backed out. However, one of Simmons' accusers, Sil Lai Abrams, who stars in the doc, believes that Oprah's decision was motivated by the backlash she had been receiving from 50 Cent and other members of the black community. 

Despite Oprah's reservations, On The Record had its big premiere at Sundance Film Festival this past weekend and it got two standing ovations. While people begin to hear the alleged victims' stories and the animosity towards Simmons threatens to escalate, he is searching for peace of mind. It has been reported that the Def Jam Recordings co-founder escaped public scrutiny by hiding out in Indonesia, where he has developed a passion for yoga.    

While On The Record receives praise, Simmons has been posting photos of himself meditating cross-legged on Instagram. He invites people to join him in his practice on IG Live and extols the benefits of yoga. He may not be commenting on the doc at the moment, but he has dismissed all the sexual assault allegations as false in past