Rusell Simmons' two daughters are all grown up and living their best lives. Aoki Lee Simmons is 15-years-old and her older sister Ming is 18-years-old and just recently got a co-sign from Nicki Minaj for her "Chun-Li" gear. If you take a look at Ming's Instagram profile you can see that she's following in her mother's footsteps (Kimora Lee Simmons) with embarking on a modeling career. Aoki on the hand plays it low-key on the 'Gram and she recently shared a message as to why she wants to change things up.

According to her recent Instagram story upload, Aoki has been dealing with some mean trolls who say things along the lines of her not being the 'pretty sister.' She tells her followers how she would opt out on sharing photos of important events and moments because she "didn't like" her smile or because she was standing next to her sister. Her new moto is to "try not to worry who" she's standing next to and just share moments that she finds important in her life. 

Do your thing, Aoki!