He denies the allegations of sexual assault against him, but Russell Simmons continues to be criticized by the public. Over a dozen women have accused the Def Jam icon of various forms of sexual misconduct, including rape. Many of those stories were detailed in the documentary On The Record, and as Russell Simmons remains entangled in scandal, his recent visit to Drink Champs has caused a stir.

Russell Simmons, Drink Champs, Marc Lamont Hill
Christopher Polk / Staff / Getty Images

Talk show host and commentator Marc Lamont Hill was a guest on a virtual episode Drink Champs with Bun B, Talib Kweli, and Mysonne. The group  Black Ldiscussedives Matter and a variety of topics pertinent to the culture when Russell Simmons was added to the discussion a couple of hours into the chat. Part one of the episode has already aired, but after part two popped up today, Marc Lamont Hill was unhappy—and so were many others.

"A few weeks ago, I appeared on Drink Champs. I was asked to join a discussion with Bun B, Talib Kweli, and Mysonne. About 2.5 hours into the show, Russell Simmons appeared. I had NO IDEA he was scheduled. I would NEVER have appeared if I had known," Hill tweeted. "During Russell’s 20ish minutes on the show, I was texting the producers telling them that I was not comfortable with his press and asking to wrap. After the show, I expressed my frustration with what happened. I also asked them not to air Russell’s portions."

He thought Simmons was nixed from the episode, but after today's snippet surfaced, Hill decided to speak out. "I am beyond disappointed that this is the case," Hill added. "I stand with, and fully believe, the women who have come forward about Russell’s sexual violence. I am sorry that I shared space with someone who has caused such harm without accountability. Although I had NO IDEA he’d be on, I am nonetheless deeply sorry that I was a part of it."

Norega replied to Hill's concerns and said he was unaware that Simmons would join the show. "Yesssir u are correct we thought Russ wouldn’t come on !so when he did at the end it wasn’t brought up prior and I thought it was edited!!!" Check out a few tweets below, including some from Sil Lai Abrams, one of Simmons's accusers.