When the sexual assault and rape allegations against Russell Simmons first emerged, the former Def Jam mogul stepped down for his throne at the label and disappeared from the public as numerous stories and claims took over the headlines. The 60-year-old has continued to deny all allegations and more recently he said that he'll "be fine" despite the negative happenings. 

According to Variety, yet another woman has now accused Russell of rape totaling the alleged victims to over a dozen. Alexia Norton Jones, who is a model, actress and the granddaughter of publisher W.W. Norton, tells the publication that after a date Russell pinned her up against a wall and forced himself on her.  “It was such a fast attack,” she said. “He pulled my dress up. I must have said no seven to 10 times.”

Alexia reported the attack to the NYPD last spring, but unfortunately, the statute of limitations has expired since it happened in 1990; she is not seeking any monetary damages.  

"At no time did she share these feelings about her first sexual encounter with me, which took place roughly 28 years ago,” Russell said in response to the new details. He added how he and Alexia dated for a short time, but she denies any relationship.