Atlanta rapper, Russ, took some time from his set at last weekend's Coachella festival to send out a special message to all the rappers who have been annoying him.

In a video, posted by DJ Akademiks, Russ acknowledges that he might get his set cut off, but that he wants to share the message anyway. He states, "For all the rappers who be crying in my fucking mentions, but when we see you in person you turn into fucking pussies, stop talking to me, please." He goes on to add, "I never respond to y'all on Twitter. You're not getting a response out of me. Y'all are fucking lame. Y'all are in the D-league of rap. Stop fucking talking to me. And then when we see you in person, and we check you it's, 'Nah nah my fault, my fault.' Stop fucking talking to me."

Strong words from Russ here, but neglects to name and shame any perpetrators, so the beef is only really half-cooked here. The commenters on Akademiks' Instagram don't seem to appreciate the message either, with many commenters either not buying in to Russ' tough guy speech or simply not being aware of who he is. 

As seen by his speech, however, Russ doesn't seem to pay much mind as to what the haters are saying about him. So if you're camped out inside Russ' mentions all day, perhaps it's time to move on. You can watch the clip of Russ' message to all the haters below.