Eventually, Kev reveals that Adam22 is a good friend of his; in a less professional environment, perhaps the situation may have soured upon such a revelation. Yet both parties handle the discourse with care, as Kev asks Russ about his recent forays into violence. "I understand why the Smokepurpp thing, cause he put your sister on Twitter," says Kev, prompting Russ to claim Purpp also brought the homie's daughter into the mix. While Russ did feel the need to administer a harsh lesson, he admits that he actually spoke to Purpp on the phone.

"If you're going to initiate something, ya'll gonna be poking at me like the whole damn rap going at me," says Russ, "if you're going to initiate it, and then we're going to respond, I'm still down to get on the phone and be like 'bruh, what is the issue?' I'm cool to squash it but if not, you clearly know we can take it there too." Upon reflecting on the "fuck Russ" trend, Russ explains his issue with Adam, whom Kev feels should have got a pass via his "media status."

"He prides himself on not being a member of the media," counters Russ. "It's really this simple. That dude, and numerous other people, have had my name in their mouth in a negative fashion, insulting me on social media and shit. If you're down to do that, if you get a response, you can't then be the one to tell me whether or not that response is appropriate." 

"Leave me the fuck alone," says Russ. "Why ya'll poking at me?" He summarizes it up by using a tried and true case of schoolyard logic. "People talked shit, and got punches thrown at them. Big deal."