Russ' career in the music industry has been a long, sometimes arduous, but ultimately rewarding one thus far.'

11 mixtapes and countless hours on the grind later, the rapper/producer has finally hit the big time with There's Really A Wolf. His platinum-level sales, like with the single" What They Want," pales in comparison to his Soundcloud-era hustle, building his fan base from the ground up.

In his recent IRL interview with GENIUS, Russ talks about his time spent at KidSuper Studios in Brooklyn, NY recording the album, which includes sleeping on the couch they had in the basement. He also touches on his confidence level and where it comes from and why low play numbers on certain tracks don't get to him mentally and emotionally. One thing's for sure: perseverance and sheer will has made Russ one of the fastest-rising names in hip-hop.

You can watch the entire interview below.